Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Inspiration.

So, I stated in the beginning of this blog that I basically set out to inspire. What exactly, I don't know. However, I never really informed you of what inspires me. Well, there are many things actually that inspire to be so many things. Picking one thing is difficult, and doing it all proves to be quite the challenge. I feel I am such a rounded person. I'm not going to go through every little detail of everything I long to do and be, that would be a very, very long post. So I will just start with my latest road. And by now most everyone knows that is nursing.

I've always had this longing to help others, and in many ways. Wether it be financially, physically, mentally, the homeless, the needy, the completely lost and helpless. And I feel like nursing is something that will help me fulfill the need to help and give. Here lately I've come along with a little medical situation of my own, nothing serious that I know of just yet, but I will spare you all the full details, it's a sore on my toe that won't seem to go away.

I went to a local nurse practitioner that is fairly new to the neighborhood, and I've been there twice in the last six weeks. My condition is still the same, and I feel like all she has done is throw medicine at me a pushed me out the door. I was referred to a vascular center to have my circulation checked, BUT this was all done without doing a culture of the area in the first place. I feel like I've been blindly given medicine and referrals. My favorite NP finally came back to work in the mean time and I visited her today and you know what the first thing is that she did? A culture. She sat and listened, and looked, and helped me rule out possibilities to help ease my worries of what this growing ulcer on my toe could be. But, the fact I was given antibiotics for it already could interfere with the culture, but hopefully that was long enough ago it will come back with something. So, not only did the first NP show professional negligence by not culturing it the first, she could have possibly made it difficult for a future culture. Ok, I'm gonna stop there, because that was a partial vent. I'm not going to name anyone, I'm not here to put anyone down and slander their name or practice.

I am here to say that the second NP is MY inspiration to be the best nurse, (and maybe even NP), that I can be. Patients will look up to and trust me to take all the steps I need to assure their proper care. The medical world needs more NP's like her. And you all should know it is YOUR right to be sure you are receiving the proper care you feel that you need, it's your body and your money that pays these medical professionals to take care of it. Don't ever feel like you don't have a place to speak up when you think something is not right.

That is all I have. I know its been a while, I hope this summer I can frequent my blog a little more often!!

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