Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Good Storm and a Glass of Wine

     All this week my church has been hosting Bible School for kids PreK - 6th grade. Guess who was in the PreK room?? Me. Shew! Our first night we had 15 screaming, fired up 3 and 4 year olds. By the end of the week we dwindled down to about 12. Oh, don't worry, we had plenty of help recruited in the form of teenagers.
     Anyhow, there is a storm approaching and I am sitting here with a glass of wine unwinding from the day. It's really the only time of day I really get to unwind. There isn't much more that is relaxing than sitting in the quiet, a glass of sweet red wine, and the low rumble of the thunder. In the end it is all worth it to be able to see the kids have fun and learn something in between the hits, and potty breaks, and chasing and screaming. As long as I get to squeeze a little me time in there, I can keep my sanity!
     Well, this storm is very fast approaching, and I need to finish this glass before it gets too bad. How else am I going to keep my cool when it actually hits??

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