Sunday, July 22, 2012

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Gonna make this quick, or try to. I've had a busy weekend and a busy week ahead, so I'm ready for bed!
I had bought a few essential oils to make some Christmas gifts, hand scrubs to be specific, and ever since they've been sitting around my house collecting dust. It wasn't until recently I've been hearing that there is so much more you can use these essential oils for! And a little $3-$4 bottle goes a long way because you only need to use a few drops at a time
My main focus for this blog is Peppermint Oil. Just waving the bottle under the nose will give you a little pep up. You can also add a few drops to some cool water, soak it with a rag and lay on your forehead for a cooling sensation. And the list goes on! For more health benefits, you can read more on those here: Top 5 Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil.
However, I just discovered and new use for it over the weekend. A mosquito repellent! We had a few friends over this weekend and as the sun started to go down the mosquito's started to go on the attack. I grabbed my bug guard lotion and my peppermint oil since I had heard that is could also be used as a bug guard. And would you believe that it WORKED!! I rubbed some behind my ears, on my wrists and ankles and didn't get a single bite the rest of the night. And not only did work for me, it worked for everyone! Goodbye chemically stinky bug sprays, hello healthy, natural peppermint oil! I would not recommend it if you are going to be hiking, out in the woods with ticks and bees and such, but it is perfect for nights you want to just chill out on the patio or have a picnic!
Give it a try for yourself! There is really nothing to lose!

On a side note: Do not mistake essential oils for the scented or fragrant oils used for candles and reed diffusers! They are bad for your skin and should not be ingested! I found my essential oils online from numerous medical rescources and at a local health food store. I am specifically using the brand Aura Cacia.

What is your favorite essential oil and use?


Carla said...

I got a few of the Aura Cacia oils recently - including the pepperment oil. Thanks for the tip on using it as bug repellent! Steve is especially susceptible to bug bites.

I'm very interested in trying out other uses for the oils like headaches, congestion, etc. Keep us updated if you happen to try any other EO remedies!

ThirtyandGrowing said...

I've heard Patchouli is good for nausea. You rub it on as you would Phenergan! I'm going to do some research and try to write about several oils at once.