Wednesday, July 18, 2012

History Lesson

Of course you can read the basics about me and my purpose here to the right, but every blog has to have a first post, right? How about a little more history and how I got here? Probably kind of a bore, but as my purpose states, I hope to one day inspire someone. To do what? I don't know. That's for them to figure out!
Anyhow, I was born... no. I'm not gonna start there! How about, I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Print Advertising. Great accomplishment, that took me a long time to figure out, just about how everything does for me. However, it didn't quite settle me. I worked in the field of graphic design for almost 5 years. I won't lie. I wasn't quite happy and I wasn't making enough. Got married to my wonderful husband, tacked on 2 step kids who are VERY active in sports, had my son, and that just made it worse. I sat at my desk day in and out thinking how someone else was raising my son but me! It drove me literally stir crazy! So, I ended that chapter, I quit my job. BIG decision as a family. The only way husband approved was if I started babysitting to keep some income. For the last year and a half that is what I've done. It's been a joy, though I still don't get to quite do all things I'd like with my son, I'm still with him and that is priceless! All this time though, I know I will eventually have to go back to work. Psh! Who needs work?? I do! With a step-son that will be rounding 16 in a year, thinking about driving and college, a 3 year old that will start preschool and sports in a year, the demand for a higher income couldn't be more needed!
After thinking and thinking.... and thinking... I have settled on going back to school to be a nurse. Completely opposite from graphic design, I know!! Lucky for me I have all the gen ed needed except for a few anatomy classes and nursing assistance, oh, and an ACT score of 20!! Yes I'm nervous. And yes, I am excited! So this is where I am now. Hope my history lesson hasn't BORED you!!

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Pursuingprairie said...

Awesome!!! Can't wait to keep up!! :) love the title!